Growing Basil


Basil epitomizes the taste of summer. Surprisingly, there are about 150 known species (Ocimum Basilicum). Here in our raised bed, we have luscious rows of Italian sweet basil, the most common variety.

Basil is an annual herb and a beautiful companion plant for tomatoes and peppers. My mom introduced me to the brilliance of pairing basil next to tomatoes. The varieties share nutrients from the soil which enhance their flavor. This makes perfect sense!

Basil is sensitive to cold, therefore it should be planted after the last freeze.

Another beauty of basil is that it can easily be grown indoors. I love fresh herbs in my kitchen and patio. Basil in a pot should face the South window receiving a minimum of fours hours of direct light.

Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing some basil inspired recipes soon.


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