Growing Gratitude

Wishing happiness and joy to everyone this holiday season! Indulge. Celebrate. Reflect. Heal. Transform. Love.

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”


Even though our lives can get pretty hectic, it’s important to take a step back to observe and simply watch what is happening around us. With observation, even the most mundane parts of life can become interesting. During my latest visit to the garden, I started to become very frustrated with the amount of overgrown weeds in our plots. Just as I was about to forfeit my efforts for the day and leave, I happened to notice this beautiful monarch butterfly gathering nectar from some of our flowers next to me. This delicate creature immediately put me at ease and reminded of the healing power of nature, if we are willing to stop and observe it from time to time.

Seeing this butterfly – in all its simplicity – triggered my fond childhood memory of exploring open fields of monarch groves in Bermuda. My mom (a science teacher) used to take me to visit these natural sanctuaries and observe their beauty. The groves protected the colonies in their natural habitat (meadows of milkweed, trees, and nectar flowers). I would pick the most tender caterpillar I could find to bring home to my terrarium, raise him through metamorphosis, and release him back into the meadows once his beautiful wings emerged.

“Take time to notice how a particular plant is slowly evolving from a tiny germinating sprout, slowly growing leaves, blossoming, bringing fruit and so forth. Reflecting on this cycle reminds of us are own natural biological rhythm and can bring us back in tune to what might feel good to us at a particular time of the year.”

I’ve grown to learn that gardening is a magical tool for healing, personal transformation, and heightened awareness.


Having an open attitude and a connection toward nature, especially with our food, gives way to gratitude, humbleness and compassion.



One of the most beautiful parts of gardening is planting the seeds of life and celebrating the harvest bounty with the people we love.  Today I am most thankful for all of my loved ones and the opportunity to turn to nature as a guide for wisdom, inspiration, and personal growth.

Our employee garden has provided me with self-perseverance and an awareness of how our environment can heal us (no matter where you live) if we just observe what is happening all around, every day.






Credits: Elephant Journal


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